Contact Center Management - Five Qualities of Top Performing Team Leaders

Team leaders are essential to the overall success of a contact centre as they deal with most of the front-line organisational issues, manage resources, contribute to efficient processes, reduce risk, influence culture and performance, and most importantly lead critical relationships with employees.

An active team leader possesses certain traits that make them suitable for the job. Some of these characteristics are innate such as compassion, empathy, and integrity while some of the traits are acquired through training and experience. In this article, we will look at five qualities that top performing team leaders have.

  1. Respect and Trust Themselves and Everyone Else

Everyone around them judges a team leader’s values and behaviour. A good team leader will do their best to be healthy, happy and positive, they should portray themselves as someone that others wish to look up to.

An effective team leader has his/her head and heart in sync to be able to raise the performance of their team. They also put their team members in high regard and encourages them to put forth their valuable inputs without hesitation.

  1. Great Communicator

Great Communicator

Top performing team leaders can communicate to their people efficiently to ensure that everything happens as it should. This skill is essential when they need to delegate tasks as those receiving the assignment need to have clear instructions on what to complete.

Their communication skills are also essential when conveying ideas to their team members. Whenever opportunities arise, team leaders leverage their communication skills to ensure buy-in from their team members. Effective communication skills also allow team leaders to listen to the input of others, as well as provide constructive criticism that helps the team continuously improve and succeed.

  1. Involves Everyone on the Project

Team members need to know they are part of an important project. The confidence and enthusiasm that a leader show passes onto his/her team members, who react accordingly with strong commitments to the job. An effective team leader also pushes for excellence and drive the team toward optimum results and successful completion of the project.

  1. Gives Credit Where Credit is Due

Gives Credit Where Credit is Due

Being acknowledged is a fundamental human need and is a crucial element to ensure a high level of employee engagement and loyalty to the company. While a leader is responsible for the overall completion of an objective, ideas and effort come from those within the team. When this occurs, it is vital that the leader gives credit where credit is due. Otherwise, team members will be resentful if the leader takes all the glory.

  1. They Support the Team Through Ups and Downs

A great team leader supports their team with confidence in their individual decisions as well as their performance – focusing on the strengths and not on the weakness of the team. Their unrelenting support during successes and setbacks keeps the team together and positions the team to win.

They keep their cool under pressure and keep the key goals in mind, thus ensuring trust among their team members. Ultimately, they stay connected to the team by keeping members on track, avoiding blame, and offering guidance through their actions and words.

If you think you do not possess these qualities, the good thing is that you can acquire them through experience. It is essential to understand that becoming a team leader can be quite daunting and it could turn into an undesirable position in the office in an instant.  Keep these qualities in mind and being a team leader can be one of the most rewarding roles you will ever have in your life.