The Importance of Brand Protection When Outsourcing

So, if outsourcing is an effective way to grow your business, and you know that the Philippines offers top-notch outsourced services,  the next question is: how can I protect my brand? For most companies, the brand is something that marks their company or service unique. It also serves as a key differentiator, a loyalty builder, and as a compass that will guide the business in making right decisions about innovation, product pipeline, operations, and customer service.

One of the conundrums in outsourcing is the fear that it can take away the company’s hard-earned brand reputation. A wrong outsourcing partner who cannot deliver on your brand promise will not only damage your brand reputation but may also cost you your business for good. However, dismissing outsourcing from your options is not wise either, since it offers many opportunities for growth.

That is why before you decide to outsource your call centre operations or any of your customer-facing jobs, you first need to know why sustaining your brand experience is a crucial aspect when hiring outsourced staffs. To shed light on this topic, we will discuss in this article why brand protection matters in outsourcing

  1. To Ensure Seamless Customer Service

To Ensure Seamless Customer Service

It is imperative that your brand’s message and image across all platforms be in the same language that your customers speak. For instance, if your market is mainly from English-speaking countries, you would want your outsourced customer agents to be able to speak to them in English – fluent and native-like fashion. In that case, you need to make sure that your offshore outsourcing service partner is in countries where the workforce has high proficiency in speaking English.

It is for this reason why the Philippines is still the top outsourcing destination for many multinational companies and even SMEs alike.  The latest study from Education First in 2017 has ranked the country in 15thth place out of 80 countries worldwide, and 3rd place out of 20 countries in Asia regarding English proficiency.

Having an outsourced contact centre agents that speak the same language as your customers is a critical factor in seamless customer service. This increases your chances of meeting your customer’s expectations, which ultimately leads to higher customer loyalty in the long run.

  1. To Sustain Your Company’s Culture

Your company’s values and culture are part of your brand identity. For instance, if your business has a heavy focus on corporate social responsibility, your outsourcing partner should be giving back to their community as well. As such, finding an outsourcing partner with an organisational culture that resembles your own company is vital to sustaining your brand experience with your customers.

While time differences and long distances may hinder you from building a good outsourcing partnership, an outsourcing partner that reflects your culture can make a huge difference in ensuring that they will be able to deliver the brand experience you would expect to deliver internally.

  1. To Maintain A Skilled Workforce

To Maintain A Skilled Workforce

Even if your chosen outsourcing partner has the same culture as yours and speaks the same language as your customers, your brand is still at risk if they lack the knowledge on the nuances of your business, product, and services.

To ensure that your brand is represented consistently in every customer interaction, you and your outsourcing partner should strive for a successful outsourcing transition. Part of the transition stage is the on-boarding processes, such as training.

To eliminate the distinction between your in-house and outsourced staffs, you must provide the latter with the same level of training that your in-house employees received. In outsourcing, this can be done through the train-the-trainer approach, wherein team leaders and agent supervisors spend time at your headquarters to train, and then bring the knowledge and skills they learned to trainees at the offshore centre.

In conclusion, your outsourcing partner serves as an extension of your brand; everything they say and do is ultimately a reflection of your company. Partnering with an offshore outsourcing service provider that shares a similar corporate culture is a natural way to ensure the alignment of goals, objectives and values with every customer interaction.

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