Improve Your Customer Experience and Increase Sales Through the Power of an Offshore Call Centre

If your inbound sales or customer service teams are struggling to manage call volumes due to high onshore costs restricting the ability to expand the team, then a solution is at hand.

For example, let’s consider a small to medium sized courier business, with a local inbound sales team. Order volumes may not be reaching its potential if the inbound sales team is only operating during business hours due to the high labour costs of using local staff after hours – or there may be missed opportunities with customers abandoning calls due to extended hold times. Call volumes may fluctuate throughout the day, with patterns of peaks and troughs, and the business owners may be looking to grow the team size or extend the hours of operation to meet demand. However, they may be constrained due to the high costs associated with doing so.

Through the power of outsourced offshore call centres, an organisation may spend not a single dollar more than what they are paying now and increase the size of their inbound sales and customer service teams by 40-60%. Or they can offer extended business hours without the high labour costs and penalty rates associated with onshore teams.

Response Times.

Response Times.

Is your current onshore call centre team fast enough in returning your customer’s call or email? By expanding the size of your team in an offshore call centre, your business can realise increased sales conversions and improved customer service.

When it comes to inbound orders, providing a timely response is a competitive move that will ensure your business is delivering better than others. Global Outsourcing can set your business up with an offshore sales team that can operate 24/7, ensuring that all inbound orders and enquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively.

What makes Global Outsourcing’s offshore call centre offering better than others is that we offer this round-the-clock service without you having to pay after hours, overnight, or weekend surcharges. This results in improved customer service at a lower price.

Abandoned Calls and Less time on hold

An abandoned call equals a missed opportunity. A long hold time equals an unsatisfied customer. In fact, there’s a study which reveals that of 60% of customers who feel that waiting on hold for just one minute is too long, 63% of them prefer a callback option just to avoid waiting on hold. If you’re receiving a high volume of inbound calls, then it’s high time for you to increase your business’ ability to take these calls. How do you do that? Well, you can partner with Global Outsourcing so we can help you set up an effective inbound sales team and customer support centre in the Philippines.  By having enough people to do the work, you can be assured that calls would be handled promptly and effectively, resulting in increased sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

Business Hours and After Hours

Business Hours and After Hours

Online shoppers are shopping at all times of the day. Chances are, they would like the ability to place an order or enquire about a service or product either in business hours, or after hours while sitting at home, or while commuting to and from work.

By extending the hours that your inbound sales team or customer service team operates, your business can experience an upturn in sales and customer satisfaction.

Options to consider are:

  • Outsourcing the business and after hours inbound sales and/or customer service teams to The Philippines. By doing so it may be possible to provide extended hours of service for the same price as a local business hours only service.
  • Retain your local team that may already be working well during business hours, but setting up an affordable after-hours operation in The Philippines.

Operational Costs

If your inbound sales or customer service team is already sufficient in size and operating during the premium hours, then operational costs can be cut by 60% by outsourcing the team offshore to the Philippines. The substantial savings can be reinvested into other areas of the organisation, or be used to further enhance the customer experience by implementing sales follow-ups and customer surveys, making your business healthier and stronger than ever before.