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This is a data entry case study for an Australian Clothing Retailer with over 30 stores Australia wide.

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Data Entry Outsourcing

The marketing manager for this well known Australian retailer had a major headache. On top of managing the marketing for the stores, she was managing a team of disengaged casual data entry agents.

Each store across Australia runs a monthly competition, requiring customers to fill in their personal details onto a paper form that are placed into a barrel. Each week, over 10,000 forms are sent from the stores to the head office in Sydney. Prior to outsourcing this task, a team of in-house casual data entry agents were then required to input customers details into their CRM system.

The problem:
Due to the mundane nature of the work, the casual agents were disengaged and often calling in sick. The manager wasted a lot of time each day finding replacements – even using members of her own marketing team when staff could not be found. She and her team were unable to focus on the core role of marketing for the stores.

Due to the ongoing heavy workload, it was important that the team kept up with the flow of incoming forms. However this was proving to be extremely difficult and was costing plenty of time. The whole program was causing many headaches for the marketing manager and her marketing team. This is why this manager reached out to Global Outsourcing.

The Solution: This Australian retailer engaged 2 full time data entry agents through Global Outsourcing to perform the data entry. They met face to face with a Global Outsourcing consultant, and created a plan for the migration of the team to overseas. At no time did the marketing manager ever have to travel to, or deal with anyone from The Philippines. They only dealt with Global Outsourcing’s local Sydney based team.

The Result:
The performance of the offshore team consistently matched or exceeded the performance of the in-house team.

Their operational costs were reduced due to the following savings:
  Hourly cost of outsourced staff was 30% cheaper than in-house staff
  Office and desk space was freed up in the head office for use by other teams
Actual time spent on managing the program was cut by 60%
Recruitment agency fees were no longer being paid

  Other internal cost savings (no IT costs, no HR costs, no insurance costs)
  Less stress for the marketing manager

Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work, it’s a pleasure working with you! It’s been seamless and is working a treat.

Marketing manager

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