case study 1: Outsourced call centre migration

Who we helped:
Australian Online Retailer

What Service we provided:

Outsourced Call Centre Migration. Sydney to Philippines


An Australian Online Retailer was unhappy with their call centre’s current performance. Their Sales and Customer Service function was outsourced to a 3rd party Call Centre located in Sydney whose performance over the past 3 years had steadily deteriorated. Their contract term was due to expire and they came to Global Outsourcing looking for alternatives, hoping for lower costs and increased performance

The Problem:
Sales Conversion was the most important metric for this client when they came to us. Out of every 100 calls that they received, 65% were being converted into sales. There were days where the conversion rate got as high as 90% but it was never achieved for a sustained period of time. The challenge was, that in order for the call centre to achieve such high results, their staff costs would spike dramatically because there was a direct correlation between speed of answer and sales conversion, our clients business was based around impulse buying and if the potential customer was allowed to get cold, the sale was inevitably lost.

The Solution:
Our analysts quickly realised that this client would greatly benefit from an offshore solution. By utilising a team in The Philippines, the problem of expensive labour hindering performance would no longer exist. Global Outsourcing were able to reduce their rates by more than 60% and they began a trial during their off peak periods. Once they saw the results, they quickly migrated all Sales Calls, Customer Service Calls, Email and Live Chat to the Philippines.

The Result:
Within 6 weeks of go-live, the client was averaging 78% conversion and within 10 weeks they had reached an amazing 83%. 2 years on, they are averaging 90% conversion, with a wait time of less than 5 seconds and an Upsell rate of 60% – all of which were unimaginable at the time of transition….and they are saving $750,000 p.a. as a result of the move.

Thank you for all your help, we are now achieving results we never thought possible.

Sales & Customer Service Manager

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