Top Business Problems Solved by Offshore Outsourcing

In our previous post, we’ve discussed the advantages that offshore outsourcing can bring to your business. Having realised how this strategy could transform your business, it’s important for you to know how  these advantages can assist you in solving issues that your business is facing today.

Whether you’re just new in the business arena or struggling to sustain the growth of your company after decades of operations, there is no doubt that all kinds of business face challenging issues today. In this post, we will take a look at the common business problems that you can solve through outsourcing.

  1. Sudden Shortages in the Workforce

If a significant part of your workforce includes casual staff, you are running the risk of a sudden stall in your productivity. Morale and employee issues can arise when you have temps working alongside permanent employees for months, doing the same work, but not receiving the same benefits that your permanent employees have or vice versa.

These moral issues may cause them to abruptly leave your business, which might affect your on-going projects. In such cases, outsourcing this line of work to a BPO Partner in the Philippines instead of hiring casual staff ensures successful project completion. By outsourcing this line of work to The Philippines, the cost savings allow you to engage sufficient motivated staff to cover any sudden resignations or unavailabilities.

  1. Lack of Access to Quality Staff

2.	Lack of Access to Quality Staff

Whether your business office is located in a remote location or even just outside the CBD, it is a fact that the farther you stray away from the business district, the harder it is to find quality staff for your business. Most skilled individuals these days choose to find employment in the city because of its perks: shorter travel time, conducive work environment, and of course, lots of job opportunities.

For instance, if your business is struggling to attract fantastic and high-quality call centre agents’ due to your location, and you don’t have enough resources to pay for expensive office space in the CBD, then outsourcing your call centre operations is the most practical thing that you can do.

With the combination of cheap labour and specialised skills, the Philippines has become the number one call centre outsourcing destination in the world. So, if you can’t find the right person to fuel your business, wait no further and start to have your own outsourced team in the Philippines today.

  1. Salary and Superannuation Expenses

Increased labour costs have made it more challenging for business owners to sustain growth in recent years. In a research by Willis Towers Watson, it was revealed that although the cost of actual remuneration increase has restrained between the years 2014 and 2016, the actual incentive payout ratio across all roles is increasing.

To address this issue, more and more companies choose to outsource not only to cut their salary costs but also save significant money on their Superannuation payout as well. The labour cost in the Philippines is significantly lower than Australia and doesn’t have any compulsory retirement program that you need to comply with. There are shared expenses, however, such as health insurance fund, social security, and home development fund, but these are much lower compared to the SG contribution in Australia.

  1. Difficulty in Handling Peaks and Troughs of Call/Work Volume

There are businesses that tend to be very busy during a particular time of the day, day of the month, or season of the year. For instance, it is more difficult for a growing online store to handle all its customer’s enquiries and orders during the holiday season. Due to high demand during this peak season, hiring additional staffs to augment the workforce is also difficult to execute quickly.

By having an offshore team to boost your workforce during your peak time/season, you no longer have to worry about missing a deadline or losing sales from unanswered customer phone calls.

  1. Lack of Office Space and IT Infrastructure

Let’s face it, office space and IT infrastructure are two of the biggest expenses you will incur when you choose to keep most of your non-essential task in-house. If you’re starting your business on a shoestring, it can be very hard to compete on the same playing field as your competitors if you don’t have enough space and tools to help your people do their job.

But with offshore outsourcing, you have the convenience to delegate your tasks as soon as possible because your outsourcing provider already has the office space and IT infrastructure in place, ready to be utilised by your outsourced team. This not only means you don’t have to purchase expensive equipment and pay expensive rent from time to time, but you also save significant time and effort from upgrading the equipment as BPOs oversee the maintenance of their own technology.

  1. Headaches (& costs) in your HR Department

6.	Headaches (& costs) in your HR Department

More employees mean a bigger workload for your HR department. From controlling personnel expenses and managing resources constraints, to reducing turnover and improving morale, lots of complex HR headaches become more pronounced when you hire additional people into your business.

By outsourcing your labor-intensive jobs such as data entry, customer service, administrative support task, you also relieved your HR department of stress on managing transactional tasks, allowing them to become a more strategic partner for your organisation.

  1. Loss of Opportunities Due to Limited Operation Hours

In today’s hyperconnected world, your customer’s can simply purchase anything they need anytime they want. So, if you want to remain competitive, you should up your game from simply returning their phone calls or emails. Customers want to access your business whenever it is most convenient for them, and outsourcing makes that possible.

How much digital access should you give customers to your business. If you’re a small business, you certainly don’t have the manpower to handle phone calls and emails 24/7. But by partnering with Global Outsourcing, your business will be able to benefit from 24/7 customer support team, ensuring that all your customer’s phone calls and email will be handled promptly.